• Original mouthpiece of the pTrumpet Bb-Trumpet
  • ABS plastic

Designed in England by musicians for musicians, the pTrumpet offers a completely new experience on trumpet. ABS plastic construction and a proprietary polymer that provide incomparable sound quality.

Art.-No. Description RRP
709.930 Red 3C

709.931 Red 5C

709.932 Blue 3C

709.933 Blue 5C

709.934 Yellow 3C

709.935 Yellow 5C

709.936 Green 3C

709.937 Green 5C

709.938 Purple 3C

709.939 Purple 5C

709.940 Black 3C

709.941 Black 5C

709.942 White 3C

709.943 White 5C

709.944 Orange 3C

709.945 Orange 5C

All prices incl. VAT

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